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Recent Past and Existing Engagements
Focused Industries
  • Alternative Energy Generation

  • Real Estate

  • Construction

  • Distressed Assets

  • Manufacturing

  • Wholesale Distribution

  • Health Care

  • E-Commerce

  • Technology

  • Services

  • Entertainment & E-Commerce

  • Food Processing

  • Mining and Minerals

  • Oil and Gas

  • Aviation

  • Gaming

  • Introducing and help with selection process of General Electric Water Technology to a major company in Saudi Arabia for a joint venture project

  • Introducing and help with selection process of ABM, largest facilities – engineering company in US to a major company in Saudi Arabia

  • Identifying a large construction company for a multibillion dollar project in Angola

  • Identification, qualification of equity partners for a large Airport project in Europe

  • Identifying and Introducing of an Oil Sand treatment technology company for Saudi Arabia

  • Identifying and introducing a large size high rise construction company for the purpose of earthquake retrofit in US

  • Identifying and introducing a large size Steel construction company for the purpose of building projects in Saudi Arabia

Available Sources of Funds
  • Private Investment Equity & Debt

  • Sovereign Funds

  • Family Offices

  • Hedge Funds

  • Banks



  • Non-Bank Financial Institutions

  • Private Equity Firms

  • Special Purpose Vehicles

  • Global Financial institutions


Marketing and Business
Market Overview
  • Uncertainties on the fiscal outlook and federal debt ceiling in the United States present a latent risk to financial stability

  • Low rates

  • Sovereign yields in southern Europe have risen sharply amid further erosion of the investor base

  • Elevated funding and market pressures pose risks of further cuts in peripheral euro area credit

  • Uncertainties about the asset quality of banks’ balance sheets must be resolved quickly, with capital injections and restructurings where needed

  • Growth prospects in other advanced countries and emerging markets have also weakened   (IMF 2012)

  • Tremendous expenditure by their governments into their own local economies among  emerging markets such as Middle East and China



  • Identifying and introducing gas and oil Exploration Company for Iraq as well as Australia from Russia (TNK-BP)

  • Funding several hotel, offices, film-sound studios as well as warehouse constructions

  • Funding of geothermal project in Kenya

  • Funding of hydroelectric project in Pakistan

  • Funding of natural gas stations project in Mexico

  • Upgrade of Rail Roads and Grid in MENA region

  • Funding Hospital Construction in Mexico


  • Refinancing many commercial warehouse, single as well as multitenant commercial assets

  • Joint venture opportunity in Oil and Gas exploration in China, identifying the right drilling company

  • Capitalizing high technology smart grid company


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